Please do not hesitate to contact The author for any further assistance.



After direct ordering of a specific desired stand from the following presented models, please allow me the additional time required for its producing, which usually takes about a seven days.

You can also check my existing ebay listings with ready and waiting stands.

Direct ordering price is 45$ for one stand. Please do not hesitate to contact The author for any further assistance.

Upon custom request, it is possible to produce a similar stand for other brands and models of panel cockpit clock by the direct ordering or within ebay prepaid transaction.

ChS, AChS / ЧС, АЧС stands can adopt almost any models of ChS, AChS / ЧС, АЧС panel clocks of Soviet Air Force planes and as well some models of vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre aircraft cockpit clocks

When ordering stand for ChS, AChS / ЧС, АЧС please update me the exact model of your clock for the correct length of connecting  fittings hardware and appropriate holes on the back side.